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"In 1958 a concerned group of community leaders met with the sole purpose of finding a way to get young boys off the streets and into a positive environment.  They desired to develop a place that would welcome all Boys and especially those whose opportunities for growth and development were most limited.  A safe and caring place where each child was loved and nourished.  They chose to call this place The Boys Club of Morristown, now the Boys and Girls Club of Morristown.

Now, over fifty years and 25,000 youngsters later, the Boys and Girls Club is still that special place where all children can afford to belong and where their needs and interests are met daily in a beautiful, modern 40,000 sq. foot facility."

- John Seals, Director of BGCM








John Seals                        Executive Director
Paul E, (Bill) Seals            Special Events
Gene Whaley                    Unit Director
Lorna Watkins                   Office Manager
Brenda Seals                    Cultural / Teen Center Director
Dee Hendershot                Aquatics Director
Pat Kimbrough                  Food Service
Elizabeth Dickerson          Swim Team Coach
Rosemary Narvaez            Teen Center / Lifeguard
Tracy Gulley                      Recreation / Teen Center
Ashley Moss                      Teen Supreme Center

Gabby Madison                 Membership
Daniel Gross                      Locker Room
Justin Cobb                       Education/HOTC
Mark Simpson                   Technology


Rudy Abate (Treasurer)
Jim Akins
James E "Eddie" Beckner
John Bell
Max Biery
Ronald Bonnett
James Sidney Boyd
Arnold Bunch
Gary Chesney
Jerry Dillard
Joseph J. Doherty
Ken DuBose
John Dugger
Mike Fishman (President)
Nellie Foust (Secretary)
Russell Foust
Ruby Glasscock
Crampton Helms

Mary Moffat Helms
Grey Hunsucker
Dennis Inman
Rod Isaacs
Joyce Jolly
Gary Kelly
Darwin Kilday
Doug Knight
Robert "Buz" Lacy
Jackie Leach
Dale Lynch
Herbert Mayes
Noel Montepeque
Ed Moody, Jr
Rosemary Moody
Sam Moore
Sam Neill
Scott Reams
Steve Rippetoe
Don Rogers
William Rooney
Kay Senter
Greg Spain
Martin "Marty" Stern
Carl Storms
Bob Surber
Clarence Thompson
Michael Thompson
Jerry Tucker
David Wild (Vice President)
David Bivens
Leroy Royston

history of the Boys & Girls club

The Boys and Girls Club of Morristown, Inc. originally the Boys Club of Morristown, was chartered in 1958 and had its beginning in an old two story structure. Still later the club site was moved to another, even smaller structure. During those early years, memberships exceed 200.

In 1968, the Board of Directors launched a Building Fund Campaign, and in five short months a goal was reached, construction began and in February 1969 a new facility was dedicated. Such a total community effort had never been witness before in the City of Morristown. Membership in the new facility has averaged 1,000 to 2,000 per year.

On January 21, 1992, the Boys Club of Morristown, aligning with the National Movement and determining to provide and expand need service to included a widely under-served group of young people, changed the corporate name to the Boys and Girls Club of Morristown, Inc.

In 1992, a Cultural/Educational Expansion plan was developed and a $450,000 capital improvement program was begun. The new facility included a Computer Center, Performing Arts Center, Fine Arts Center, Health and Physical Fitness Facility, in addition new locker rooms for boys and girls.
The membership grew to 2000, with 700 girls joining.

In 2003, the Boys and Girls of Newport/ Cocke County was established under the charter of the Morristown Organization and is now serving over 500 kids in the Cocke County area. In 2004, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawkins County unit was added under the Morristown charter and currently severs over 250 kids annually.

The Boys and Girls Club of Morristown has had:
8 State Youths of the Year
4 Regional Finalists
2 National Finalists
1 National Youth of the Year

YOuth development strategy

The Youth Development Strategy has been endorsed by Boys and Girls Clubs as a basis for delinquency prevention programming.

The four elements for the Youth Development Strategy are:

  • 1.
    1. A Sense of Competence: Young people need to feel there is something they can do and do well that respected by their peers and those respect.
  • 2.
    1. A Sense of Usefulness: The feeling that a person has something to contribute and the opportunity to do something of value for other people.
  • 3.
    1. A Sense of Belonging: A setting where the individual knows he or she has a place were they “fit” and are accepted.
  • .
  • 4.
    1. A Sense of Power or Influence: A chance to be heard, listened to, cared about and to influence decisions.
    1. .
When these enhancements are in place in a youth’s life, they act against the negative forces that often derail youth for positive social development.


To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach the full potential as Productive Caring and Responsible Citizens.